Official information on updated conditions of Hungarian Guest Investor Visa and Residency in 2024


The Hungarian government has published the conditions of guest investor visa and residency in 2024. Some of them have undergone changes such as key options of the program, minimum investments, renting opportunities, etc.

Options for investing.

In accordance with the document, there will be 3 variants for foreigners who seek to become residents of Hungary in 2024:

  • getting investment units issued by a real estate fund that is registered with the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) in the amount of €250,000;
  • buying residential real property from €500,000, that is located and registered in Hungary;
  • donating not less than €1,000,000 to a higher education institution, which supports educational, scientific research or artistic creation, and is maintained by a public interest trust foundation.

Validity period.

The duration of the guest investor residence permit constitutes 10 years, then to be extended for a maximum of 10 years.

Unique opportunities.

Hungarian guest investor visa allows the rental of real estate. Moreover, under new conditions, the whole family of the applicant will get residence permit for a 10-year term.

It should be mentioned, that previously, an investor had to purchase real estate for €155,000. Then, the program was suspended from December 20, 2023.

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