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A second citizenship
The principle of boutique services and confidentiality in obtaining a second citizenship with further support
How it works

The process of obtaining a second citizenship

Preliminary check
Preliminary due diligence of the main applicant/investor. The due diligence is completely confidential. The investor provides us with a copy of the first page of the passport.
Program selection and preparation of documents
Our specialists study the investor's documents, lawyers together with the main applicant prepare a package of documents for applying for a second citizenship.
Fulfillment of investment conditions
The investor fulfills the main investment condition - payment of state inspections and investment fee/prepayment.
Due Diligence
Documents are checked in local executive authorities.
Obtaining a passport(s)
The Citizenship by Investment Department issues a passport(s).
Why choose us
ONE WORLD MIGRATION is an international licensed company providing citizenship through investment services.

‌Our geography

The area of responsibility of our company covers large distances. We are involved into work with government programs in the Caribbean, the EU, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.


We provide consultations on the citizenship for investment and purchase of real estate. The uniqueness is that nearly all the programs presuppose distant processing. What is also peculiar, we develop individual solutions for lifting visa restrictions, optimizing taxes in foreign jurisdictions with the second citizenship or residence permit.

Individual approach

One World Migration focuses on the implementation of our clients’ goals, on their comfort. We adapt to their conditions and find appropriate second citizenship alternatives or residence permit options by making a unique step-by-step plan for each individual case.‌


We have been working since 2016
The company's experience gives us a full understanding of existing migration programs, and close cooperation with the Ministries of countries specializing in the processing of migration cases, gives us the opportunity to see and promptly use all the changes introduced regarding the registration of a second citizenship.
Licensed agent
We only work with government programs in the Caribbean, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
Dozens of successful cases
The most safe, effective and profitable solutions in each case, taking into account all personal wishes and situational features.
Unique solutions
An individual scheme of working with clients provides an understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of each case. We make a personal step-by-step plan for each specific case: from collecting a package of documents to actions after obtaining a passport or residence permit. No surprises or hidden fees.
Anastasia Barna

A personal approach to the circumstances of each client is at the heart of our company's work: we help to solve problems both before and after obtaining citizenship.

An individually designed scheme in each individual case plus high quality service and strict confidentiality – these are the three main principles which we rely upon.

Until recently, obtaining a second citizenship was an additional option when running an international business and for comfortable movement between countries.

But in the current realities, second citizenship is increasingly becoming a necessity for those who care about the future.
And this means not only quality education for children, but also the need to run an international business and open new business units in other countries.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the migration services market, we offer a wide range of opportunities in the Caribbean region.

Our office staff monitors all changes in migration programs.
We work in close cooperation with diplomatic missions, which enables to minimize risks for our customers.

We find exceptionally effective solutions to the issue of second citizenship for each of our clients – always with an individual approach, with understanding and an effective solution to any problems!

We also provide further assistance and advice when integrating into the infrastructure of your chosen country.

Choose the option that suits you

Citizenship programs

All programs
from $150 000
3-6 months
Obtaining Grenadian Citizenship by investment program grants the right to live and work in Grenada at all times, the right to vote in elections and all rights associated with membership of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
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from $400 000
4-6 months
Cosmopolitans can get a second citizenship for investing in the country's economy from $400,000. There are five options to choose from: buying real estate, investment fund shares or government bonds, participating in the fixed capital of a Turkish company, opening a deposit in a Turkish bank.
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from $15 000
2+ weeks
Majestic skyscrapers, luxury hotels and shops, beaches and summer all year round. Building a business career in the UAE is prestigious.
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Choose your object for real estate investment

We will help you with the choice of objects and provide all the necessary information on the lots you are interested in.

What our clients say

I first came to Portugal as a tourist 3 years ago. Having assessed the situation and got acquainted with this country, I decided that I wanted to stay here to live. Thanks to the efforts of One World Migration, this became possible.


The decisive factor for me in my decision to obtain Grenadian citizenship was the possibility of a visa-free visit to Europe, where my husband and I love to come both on business trips and on vacation. Thank you One World Migration!


I have to thank One World Migration and their customer mindset for obtaining Grenadian citizenship. We were able to prepare all the necessary documents in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary worries and they accompanied us throughout the entire process.


I thank One World Migration for the opportunity to move to Turkey with their help. I looked for a freelance job option for myself for quite some time, so that I could move to another country.

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29 Ноября 2023
22 просмотра
Luxury services to be on our agenda soon

Personal concierge services are in the top demand among high-net-worth individuals who prefer advanced technology and comfort.

Luxury services to be on our agenda soon
29 Ноября 2023
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The UAE: resolving complicated case

We are launching a weekly case rubric in which we will talk upon examples from our international immigration practice which is worth attention.

The UAE: resolving complicated case
23 Ноября 2023
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Interview with the representative of the Hungarian direction of One World Migration

Today, a representative of the Hungarian office of One World Migration talked on the changes in the regulation for issuing residency, about the reasons for the changes as well as its effects on the flow of applications.

Interview with the representative of the Hungarian direction of One World Migration