The Grenada passport: uniqueness, benefits and procedure update

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The article covers all necessary information concerning the major characteristics of the country of Grenada, its most popular tourist attractions and sights. Most importantly, it provides detailed information on the unique program of citizenship by investments with all the conditions outlined as well as numerous benefits and opportunities of the Grenada passport obtaining. You will also be informed about its whole procedure, and remarkably, about the current update related to the interview process which has been required recently as an integral part of the procedure of obtaining Grenada citizenship.


Nowadays the world is becoming more and more globalized and interconnected. Traveling has become a hobby and pastime for many of us, as the transportation network has improved significantly, giving us an opportunity to find ourselves in several couple of hours on another continent. With the Internet bringing communications to another level, people get to know literally everything happening in other parts of the world. In this regard, having second citizenship does not seem a surprising idea. It’s widely acknowledged that it gives you more travel, work, business, banking, investment, and property ownership options and opportunities as well as more freedom in general.

This article is to motivate you to take action, and, finally, broaden your horizons to a greater extent, and obtain the citizenship of the state that will open to you a door to about 180 countries.

Grenada: basic & unique features

Grenada, situated in the West Indies, is an island nation that encompasses both its namesake island and portions of the southern Grenadines archipelago. The total area of the island is about 135 square miles. The population is around 115,000 people. Grenada is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. In the past Grenada was a French and British colony, gaining independence from the UK on February 7, 1974. Its capital, St. George’s, occupies the territory of the southwest coast and is also a major port. English is the official language of the country. The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar, as it is in 7 other members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Grenada is home to volcanoes, coral reefs, bays, and numerous colorful beaches. Rainforests, mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls, and splendid lakes prevail in the interior part of the island. Its climate is tropical with an average temperature of 28 C. That’s the reason why Grenada is a popular destination for tourists. The tourism industry, along with construction, trade, production, is developing rapidly and steadily.

Things to do and places to visit


Amazing rented villas, apartments and houses in Grenada are looking for guests from all over the world. Tourists usually prefer to visit Grenada in the period between January and May, as the rainy season ends. The country offers a great variety of restaurants, sports complexes, golf and tennis clubs, city and tropical excursions, boat and car trips around the inland.

Notably, such activities as rafting, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, kayaking, surfing, are of high interest among tourists from all over the world. It is a tremendous chance to dive and swim in the bays and lagoons of the Caribbean Sea. There’s the largest diveable wreck in the Caribbean, and an underwater sculpture park. Moreover, tourists can rent a car and explore the island on their own. However, they should take into account that traffic in Grenada is left-handed and, of course, an international driving license is needed. Also, you should be attentive, as the major part of the roads in Grenada are unmarked, so it is quite easy to get lost.

To illuminate the subject of the key country’s tourist attractions, it should be noted that Grenada is well-known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean. In 2023 the World Food Travel Association recognized the country as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Here tourists can taste authentic seafood dishes, various types of wine, and beer.

Grenada is also distinct for its marvelous beaches, which are around 50. The most famous is Grand Anse. It is the most popular resort area and the longest beach on the island, located 10 minutes from St George, with white sand and turquoise water.

The country’s uniqueness is represented by the Sandals, which is an innovative all-inclusive resort in Grenada. It’s an exotic hideaway with breathtaking innovations like pools suspended in the sky, and a living room in a beachfront pool.

The next tourist attraction worth visiting is Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve. There you can go for a walk and admire beautiful nature. Exploring forts will also be a brilliant idea. Fort George, Frederick, and Matthew are highly recommended to visit.

There are also various waterfalls throughout the island in the different mountains. It is better to take a tour and visit them all at once. The most popular waterfall is Annandale Falls.

In addition, Grenada has two little sisters, the small, neighboring island dependencies of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. You are welcome to take a trip there by plane and ferry to experience its solitude and harmony.

Going beyond the tourist area and, thus, passing closer to history and culture, it should be stated that its capital, Saint George’s demonstrates colonial architecture. There is The Grenada National Museum with a great collection of artifacts. Besides, you can admire St George’s cruise port with its beautiful ships and walk across a bustling market where you can buy local spices and take them home.

A lucky opportunity: citizenship by investments

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program was launched by the government in 2013 under the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 15 of 2013 to attract foreign direct investment and benefits for residents of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite-Martinique.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI) remains one of the most popular passport schemes worldwide for pricing and passport advantages. It is considered to be the gold standard in the industry.

In order to gain the Grenada passport a person is to select one of the following options:

  • а contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) in the amount of $150,000 per applicant, $200,000 per 1-4 people, + $25,000 extra per person with more than 4 people;
  • an investment in an approved project (real estate) in Grenada in the amount of $220,000.

The processing period for obtaining the Grenada citizenship approval covers 6-8 months.

Only pros, no cons!

The passport of Grenada has a wide range of benefits, most of them are covered as follows:

  • the passport of Grenada enables visa-free travel to 180 countries, including the UK and the European Union, Russia, Brazil, and China. Particularly, the entry to China is exclusive in this program, in comparison with other options in Caribbean citizenship;
  • it offers citizens the opportunity to apply for an E-2 investment visa in the USA;
  • there are no foreign income, wealth, inheritance, gift, or capital gains taxes;
  • there are no restrictions on repatriation of profits and imported capital;
  • Grenada is an attractive spot due to its real estate market driven by tourism and 5-star hotels funded by the CBI program;
  • there are no language tests, education, or military service;
  • you don’t need to visit Grenada before or after obtaining citizenship;
  • there are no requirements to live in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted;
  • the application process is completely confidential.

The procedure of obtaining citizenship: an action plan

First of all, the client signs a contract for registration of citizenship with One World Migration. Next, the investor selects an investment program. Afterward, the applicant provides the necessary documents for submitting the application, and the One World Migration team prepares the package of documents to transmit to the Ministry of CBI for further consideration. Each application is processed by the authorized office of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC). After the application has passed Due Diligence and has been considered by authorized representatives of the Government of Grenada, the Cabinet of Ministers makes a final decision on the approval of citizenship for each applicant. During the consideration of each application at the stage of passing Due Diligence, the Ministry of CBI stays in close contact with the One World Migration team.

New condition: participation in the interview is required for applicants for the Grenada Citizenship

Applicants, who are over 17 years old and aim to obtain the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program, now are required to participate in a mandatory interview. The commencement of the interview process took effect September 4, 2023, for all applications, as stated in Circular No. 9 of September 1, 2023, which was published on the official website of the Government of Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CIU) Unit.

In order to abide by new regulation, applicants are obliged to meet the following requirements:

  • the main applicant, spouse, sponsor, and any dependents seventeen years and over must fill in the attached Interview Application Form, and then submit it to the CBI with the application package;
  • a link to the questionnaire will be sent to the interviewee’s email, and applicants must select their preferred language for the interview on their Interview Application Form;
  • instruction for the interview will be carried out in the national language of the applicant, in which the automated voice will inform about the process of the questionnaire and its important points;
  • each applicant, who is of adequate age to apply, including such groups of applicants as the main applicant, spouse, child age 17 and over, dependent parent, single applicant, and financial sponsor, must pay a fee of $1,000.

List of the countries

Country Type
Afghanistan visa required
Albania eVisa
Algeria visa required
Andorra visa-free/90 days
Angola visa-free/30 days
Antigua and Barbuda visa-free
Argentina visa-free/90 days
Armenia eVisa/120 days
Australia eVisa
Austria visa-free/90 days
Azerbaijan visa required
Bahamas visa-free/90 days
Bahrain eVisa
Bangladesh visa-free/90 days
Barbados visa-free
Belarus visa required
Belgium visa-free/90 days
Belize visa-free
Benin eVisa
Bhutan eVisa
Bolivia visa on arrival/eVisa/90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina visa-free/90 days
Botswana visa-free/90 days
Brazil visa-free/90 days
Brunei visa required
Bulgaria visa-free/90 days
Burkina Faso eVisa
Burundi visa on arrival/30 days
Cambodia visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
Cameroon eVisa
Canada visa required
Cape Verde visa on arrival (EASE)
Central African Republic visa required
Chad visa required
Chile visa-free/90 days
China visa-free/30 days
Colombia visa-free/90 days
Comoros visa on arrival/45 days
Congo visa required
Congo (Dem. Rep.) eVisa/90 days
Costa Rica visa-free/90 days
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) pre-enrollment/90 days
Croatia visa-free/90 days
Cuba visa-free/60 days
Cyprus visa-free/90 days
Czech Republic visa-free/90 days
Denmark visa-free/90 days
Djibouti eVisa
Dominica visa-free
Dominican Republic visa-free
Ecuador visa-free/90 days
Egypt visa on arrival/30 days
El Salvador visa required
Equatorial Guinea eVisa
Eritrea visa required
Estonia visa-free/90 days
Eswatini visa-free/30 days
Ethiopia eVisa/90 days
Fiji visa-free/120 days
Finland visa-free/90 days
France visa-free/90 days
Gabon eVisa/90 days
Gambia visa-free/90 days
Georgia eVisa
Germany visa-free/90 days
Ghana visa required
Greece visa-free/90 days
Guatemala visa required
Guinea eVisa/90 days
Guinea-Bissau visa on arrival/90 days
Guyana visa-free/90 days
Haiti visa-free/90 days
Honduras visa required
Hong Kong visa-free/90 days
Hungary visa-free/90 days
Iceland visa-free/90 days
India eVisa/30 days
Indonesia visa required
Iran eVisa/30 days
Iraq visa required
Ireland visa-free/90 days
Israel visa-free/90 days
Italy visa-free/90 days
Jamaica visa-free
Japan visa required
Jordan visa on arrival/eVisa
Kazakhstan eVisa
Kenya visa-free/90 days
Kiribati visa-free/120 days
Kosovo visa-free/90 days
Kuwait visa required
Kyrgyzstan eVisa
Laos visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
Latvia visa-free/90 days
Lebanon visa required
Lesotho visa-free/90 days
Liberia visa required
Libya visa required
Liechtenstein visa-free/90 days
Lithuania visa-free/90 days
Luxembourg visa-free/90 days
Macao visa-free/90 days
Madagascar visa on arrival/eVisa/90 days
Malawi visa-free/90 days
Malaysia visa-free/30 days
Maldives visa on arrival/30 days
Mali visa required
Malta visa-free/90 days
Marshall Islands visa required
Mauritania visa on arrival
Mauritius visa-free/90 days
Mexico visa required
Micronesia visa-free/30 days
Moldova visa-free/90 days
Monaco visa-free/90 days
Mongolia eVisa
Montenegro visa-free/90 days
Morocco visa required
Mozambique visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
Myanmar visa required
Namibia visa required
Nauru visa required
Nepal visa on arrival/eVisa/150 days
Netherlands visa-free/90 days
New Zealand visa required
Nicaragua visa on arrival/30 days
Niger visa required
Nigeria eVisa
North Korea visa required
North Macedonia visa required
Norway visa-free/90 days
Oman eVisa
Pakistan eVisa
Palau visa on arrival/30 days
Palestinian Territories visa-free
Panama visa-free/90 days
Papua New Guinea eVisa/30 days
Paraguay visa required
Peru visa-free/180 days
Philippines visa-free/30 days
Poland visa-free/90 days
Portugal visa-free/90 days
Qatar visa required
Romania visa-free/90 days
Russian Federation visa-free/90 days
Rwanda visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis visa-free
Saint Lucia visa-free
Samoa visa on arrival/90 days
San Marino visa-free/90 days
Sao Tome and Principe eVisa
Saudi Arabia visa required
Senegal visa on arrival/30 days
Serbia visa-free/90 days
Seychelles tourist registration/90 days
Sierra Leone visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
Singapore visa-free/30 days
Slovakia visa-free/90 days
Slovenia visa-free/90 days
Solomon Islands visa on arrival/90 days
Somalia visa on arrival/30 days
South Africa visa required
South Korea eTA/90 days
South Sudan eVisaApply now
Spain visa-free/90 days
Sri Lanka eTA/30 days
St. Vincent and the Grenadines visa-free
Sudan visa required
Suriname visa-free/180 days
Sweden visa-free/90 days
Switzerland visa-free/90 days
Syria visa required
Taiwan visa required
Tajikistan eVisa
Tanzania visa-free/90 days
Thailand eVisa
Timor-Leste visa on arrival/30 days
Togo visa on arrival/ eVisa/15 days
Tonga visa required
Trinidad and Tobago visa-free
Tunisia visa required
Turkmenistan visa required
Tuvalu visa on arrival/30 days
Türkiye visa on arrival/eVisa/90 days
Uganda visa-free/90 days
Ukraine visa-free/90 days
United Arab Emirates visa required
United Kingdom visa-free/180 days
United States of America visa required
Uruguay visa-free/90 days
Uzbekistan visa-free/30 days
Vanuatu visa-free/30 days
Vatican City visa-free/90 days
Venezuela visa-free/90 days
Viet Nam eVisa/90 days
Yemen visa required
Zambia visa-free/90 days
Zimbabwe visa-free/90 day

To conclude, the article covered all relevant information related to the country’s different spheres of life, the detailed process of obtaining citizenship as well as the key news about the interview process which has recently become an integral part of obtaining citizenship in Grenada. You have aligned yourself with the leading and successful developer in the Caribbean. We are enthusiastic to encourage you to explore Grenada Citizenship by Investment opportunities to change your life for the better and build up the future of your family. You are welcome to fill in the application form on our official website, and we will follow you on the whole way of obtaining citizenship of Grenada.

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