Russian Residency by Investment
Russian Residency by Investment

Russian Residency by Investment

Discover business opportunities
from $ 160,000
amount of investment
3-5 months
for processing
after 5 years of permanent residency


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The Russian Federation, commonly known as Russia, is a transcontinental country extending over much of northern Eurasia (Asia and Europe). The economy of Russia is based on a mixed economy. The country’s economic system combines elements of a market economy and a planned economy. Russia’s economy, one of the largest globally, is driven by energy exports, mainly oil and natural gas. Other sectors include mining, manufacturing (automotive, defense), and agriculture (wheat, barley). It also has a significant services sector, including IT and retail.


The politics of Russia (the Russian Federation) take place in a framework of a federal presidential republic. According to the Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is head of state, and of a multi-party system with executive power exercised by the government, headed by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President with the parliament's approval. Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, while the President and the government issue numerous legally binding by-laws.

145 478 097
Official language
rubles (RUB)
The country's area
17075400 sq. km

Benefits of residence permit in Russia

Citizenship opportunity
Citizenship opportunity after 5 years of permanent residency.
Possibility for family application
Possibility for family application including siblings, grandchildren and grandparents.
Free medical care and schools
Free medical care and free schools and universities for children; access to famous Universities in the World.
Family application
Spouse, children (including adopted ones), spouses of children, parents (including foster ones), spouses of parents, grandparents, grandchildren can submit the application together with an Investor.
Fast-track processing procedure
Fast-track processing procedure to obtain permanent residency. Usually, the procedure of approval of the residency takes from three to six months, for citizenship up to six months.
Business opportunities
Access to huge Russian market and business opportunities, low tax regime, low cost of resources and favorable environment for developing manufacture, growing real estate market, access to Eurasian Economic Union market.
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Tax regime

The Russian tax system tends to use moderate flat or regressive tax rates. Individuals pay an income tax (13%), land tax (0.3% of the land's cadastral plot which is calculated by a special formula) and vehicle tax (which is linked to the vehicle's engine power).

Most businesses are eligible for simplified taxation and can choose one of the following taxes: income tax (6%) or profits tax (15%).

Corporate taxes for medium and large businesses include profits tax (20%), value added tax (from 10% to 20%), property tax (0-2%) and some specific taxes.

Russian Federation has been concluded Treaty agreements about avoiding double taxation with many countries, it should be analyzed by case. The rule of 6 months permanent residence is valid for Russian Federation.

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Business set up

There are several forms for a foreign investor to start business in the Russian Federation. Foreign investor may set up (or register) a Russian legal entity in the form of limited liability company, joint-stock company (which can be private or public) or partnership. The other way is to register a representative or branch office of a foreign company in Russia.

Limited Liability Company or Private Joint Stock Company can be founded by an individual (Russian or foreign) or by a legal entity.

Stages of registration of a Russian legal entity:

  1. Registration at the Tax authority up to 5 business days. Can be done online.
  2. Registration at the State Committee for Statistics. 2-5 working days
  3. Making of the seal of the Company. 2-5 working days
  4. Registration at non-budgetary funds (Pension Fund, Social Security Fund, Obligatory Medical Security Fund) is done by tax inspectorate
  5. Opening of the bank account depends on the bank usually up to 3 business days.
  6. Registration of the shares issue with the Federal Services for Financial Markets* 24-30 working days (upon request)

WHY apply with us:

  • Communicating with Immigration authorities there is no right for mistake. The rejection for residency in one country can have long term consequences therefore a trusted and proficiency provider of immigration services is needed.
  • Avoid the risks while choosing the investment option – fund, real estate. Choose the right, attractive, liquid asset, avoid all kind of risks on financials and real estate
  • Support 24/7.
Get residence permit in Russia by investments

How to obtain a residence permit in Russia

Making investments in socially significant project
Making investments in socially significant project
from RUB 15,000,000
Making investments in socially significant projects of the Russian Federation in the amount of at least 15 million rubles during the previous 3 years.
The presence of a legal entity
The presence of a legal entity
from RUB 4,000,000
The presence of a legal entity in Russia that has been carrying out business activities for the previous 2 years and paying extra – taxes in the amount of at least 4 million rubles for each year of the business activity.
Making an investment in a legal entity
Making an investment in a legal entity
from RUB 30,000,000
Making an investment in the amount of at least 30 million rubles in a Russian legal entity that has been carrying out entrepreneurial activities in the territory of the Russian Federation for at least 3 previous years paying extra – taxes in the amount of at least 6 million rubles for each year of the business activity.
Ownership of real estate
Ownership of real estate
from RUB 50,000,000
Ownership of real estate located on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 1 year the value of real estate in Moscow must be at least 50 million rubles, in the sub-federal units of the Far Eastern Federal District - at least 20 million rubles, and in the territories of other sub-federal units of the Russian Federation - at least 25 million rubles.

Post-immigration services

Apart from company registration, opening a bank account for an individual,opening a bank account for a company, there are other post-immigration services available, as following:
Banking assistance
Banking assistance

Banking assistance (local and offshore accounts)

Tax ID
Tax ID

Tax Identification Number

Company registration
Company registration

Company registration/incorporation (local and offshore companies)

Police reports
Police reports

Police reports for approved clients

SIM card
SIM card

Local SIM card

Proof of address
Proof of address

Proof of address (Lease Agreement + Utility bill)

Driving license
Driving license

Getting a driver's license

Visa to the USA
Visa to the USA

Requirements for applicants

Main applicant

Aged 18 years and above. Applicants eligible to apply shouldn’t be political exposed persons, should have clean criminal record, should reside legally in Russian Federation, without any serious health diseases or drugs addicted.

Family application
Calculate the cost
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from $160,000

Receipt process
residence permit

Step-by-step instruction
Consulting agreement conclusion
Choosing the investment option
Collecting the document
Submission of the documents
Pre-approval of the application
Approval of the application
Receiving of the residency permit
Application for citizenship
Consulting agreement conclusion
Our professional team based in Moscow with representatives in main cities of Russian Federation is ready to assist the cases.
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Testimonials from satisfied clients

I thank One World Migration for the opportunity to move to Turkey with their help. I looked to relocate my company to be closer to my European partners and suppliers from the Middle East.


I first came to Portugal as a tourist 3 years ago. Having assessed the situation and got acquainted with this country, I decided that I wanted to stay here to live. Thanks to the efforts of One World Migration, this became possible.


The decisive factor for me in my decision to obtain Grenadian citizenship was the possibility of a visa-free visit to Europe, where my husband and I love to come both on business trips and on vacation. Thank you One World Migration!


I have to thank One World Migration and their customer mindset for obtaining Grenadian citizenship. We were able to prepare all the necessary documents in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary worries and they accompanied us throughout the entire process.


Frequently Asked Questions

About obtaining a residence permit of Russia
Is it possible for a foreigner to establish a business entity in Russia?

Yes, it is possible. Russian law offers many different legal forms for doing business activities, the commonly used form is LLC.

Can I get citizenship after being resident of the country?
Which documents do I need to submit?
Is an interview or language test mandatory?
What are the possible reason of refusal?
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We will help you obtain a residence permit
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