Vanuatu citizenship
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from $130 000
The cost of citizenship
2-3 months
Processing time
Electronic visa for Australia
Does not require
proof of income for the investment


Vanuatu's investment citizenship program offers the fastest way to obtain citizenship in exchange for a non-refundable contribution to a local government fund starting at $80,000.
The total amount of the investment depends on the number of family members included in the application.

Countries square
12189 sq. km
Countries avg. Temperature
Port Vila
74 thousand people
Official language
English, French
Vanuatu vatu
Why choose Vanuatu

Vanuatu citizenship benefits

World without borders
Visa-free travel to 96+ countries (including UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia);
Electronic visa for Australia;
Does not require proof of income for the investment;
Completely remote citizenship acquisition process;
No need to pass language tests;
No world income tax.

How to get Vanuatu citizenship?

How it works

The process of obtaining a second citizenship

Registration of cooperation
The expert analisys of documents begins after the cooperation agreement is signed.
Collection of documents
We will help you fill out official forms and prepare a full package of documents required for submission, including legalised translations and notarisations, in accordance with the requirements of the Vanuatu investment program.
Application registration
ONE WORLD MIGRATION is a licensed migration agent. We will process your application at the authorised office of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Committee.
Passing Due Diligence
Authorized representatives of the Vanuatu government review your documents and conduct a comprehensive Due Diligence. Based on the results obtained, the government of the country makes a final decision regarding your candidacy.
Obtaining citizenship
The main investment is made only after obtaining the approval of the Citizenship by Investment Committee. After paying the investment amount, you will be assigned Vanuatu citizenship and issued a confirming Certificate.

Calculate the cost

Instantly get a full cost calculation, including taxes, as well as all other fees

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