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Antigua and Barbuda possesses interesting location: it is situated on the islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. The country is famous for its sandy beaches and water sports in the Caribbean Sea.
Another strong side of this country is attractiveness for investors worldwide. In this article we will reflect what exactly investors value in this spot, overall benefits as well as means to acquire citizenship of this Caribbean country.

Basic facts

  • Land area covers around 440 sq. km.
  • Saint John’s is the capital and is popular with coral reefs, sailing opportunities, farmer markets.
  • Currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar which unites all the countries.
  • English is an official language and spoken by the population.
  • Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy.
  • It is very famous among tourists for its beaches, which count approximately 365 beaches, therefore it is usually named as the land of 365 beaches.
  • Antigua and Barbuda possesses the highest literacy level in the Caribbean region.

Natural conditions

The climate is claimed to be tropical – hot and humid throughout all the year. Average temperature is 25-27C. Besides, climate is characterized by winds. Rains are not considered to be very abundant. Usually, 12 months are divided into two parts – a dry period from January to June, and a rainy period from July to December.

Economy & business

The services sector dominates the economy of Antigua and Barbuda. Tourism represents thriving, leading sector, bringing money to the state's budget. Additionally, the sector of financial services is robust and growing. Canadian, British, and regional banks are present. Both tourism and financial services in total comprise 3⁄4 of the national economy.

Among other sectors of economy, the agriculture, fishery sectors, shipping trade, manufacturing industry should be mentioned.
It doesn’t pose any difficulty to gain a permit for new business. Foreign investment is very welcomed. The country is trustworthy thanks to its protecting investors policy.

Attractions & main destinations

To start with, Shirley Heights Lookout is one of the most fascinating attractions in Antigua and Barbuda. It’s 490 feet above the sea level, thus, owns panoramic views on the whole country.
You will never regret if you visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, which is a historical spot to view old ships, other artefacts. Another park is Devil’s Bridge National Park, which is a natural arch, a really unique must-visit.
For incredible view seekers, there’s Fort James, from where one can admire St. John’s Harbour. It shows an impressive view of the waters of the Caribbean.
For connoisseurs of history and culture, there's a museum, which is situated in the state capital. It was built in 1747 and is claimed to be the oldest building in use. It can tell about cultural legacy and history.

Why is it advantageous to acquire Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

-One will get a visa-free access to more than 160 countries;

  • no restrcitions on dual nationality;
  • no taxes on income, inheritance, capital gain;
  • one can work from distance and comfortably;
  • low crime rates that is a definite advantage in turbulent world.

Legitimate basis and attractiveness of the program

Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) was commenced in 2013. Since then the country has been constantly welcoming high-net-worth individuals globally. Wealthy people coming here are guaranteed that they will possess financial independence and a refugee in periods of turbulence and volatility. So, the program is quite popular and of great attractiveness for investors in a today's advancing market.

Antigua and Barbuda possesses a low-tax and business-frinedly jurisdiction. Moreover, Antigua and Barbuda was the first Caribbean country to allow investment in approved businesses. This scheme have been added by others from then on.

It offers you unique opportunities to enlarge your property or business.

The CIP of Antigua and Barbuda is by far flexible, innovative. It's keeping on improving and progressing with the market.

How one can gain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

Our company suggests several alternatives to acquire citizenship. The first one is a non-refundable investment - a contribution to the state fund from $100,000. The second alternative available is also a non-refundable investment – a university fee of $150,000 per family consisting of 6 or more people. And the third option is refundable investment into business starting from $1,500,000.

Turn-by-turn directions on getting Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

You have to register cooperation with our company; you will gather all documents with our assistance; then, the process of application registration begins: we will process your application at the authorized office of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Committee; once you have passed Due Diligence, an ultimate decision around your candidacy will be made by the government; you will be given approval and issued a confirming Certificate.

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