How much does a residence permit cost and methods of obtaining it 2024 for Russia

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In recent years, the world has become increasingly global and mobile, which makes many people want to explore opportunities to live and work outside their home country. Russians are no exception, and many of them are interested in the issue of obtaining residence permits (residence permits) in various parts of the world. In this article we will look at the current methods and costs of obtaining a residence permit in 2024, as well as discuss which countries offer the most attractive conditions for Russians wishing to move permanently.

Whether you are looking to find new professional opportunities, improve your quality of life, or simply explore new cultures, understanding how and why residence permit procedures differ can be the key to successful adaptation to a new country.

Methods of obtaining a residence permit

  • Obtaining a residence permit through investment is available in most European countries. However, favorable conditions are not offered in all countries, and the minimum investment starts from 150 thousand euros.
  • Investing in real estate is also a popular method, and the minimum amount of investment in some European countries is 250 thousand euros.
  • Starting or acquiring an existing business in Europe.
  • Marrying a citizen of the country can also be a path to a residence permit, provided that the marriage is not fictitious. If fraud is detected, the authorities have the right to cancel the residence permit.
  • Job offer from a European employer - in some countries this can lead to an id card, which allows legal residence and work in the country, including seasonal work.
  • Family reunification is possible if a relative already holds a residence permit. In this case, it is required to prove financial dependence on the relative or vice versa, your own financial independence.
  • Studying at university implies obtaining a residence permit for up to four or five years, after which it is necessary to find official employment to extend the stay in the country.
  • Participation in scientific research - a residence permit is granted to scientists under a contract with a scientific organization.
  • Treatment in a European clinic provides the right to a temporary residence permit for a period of one to two years without the possibility of extension.

Available programs

Unfortunately, some programs have become unavailable for citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus. However, there are still very attractive options that also offer many advantages and conveniences.


The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations for big business. The UAE is constantly at the center of economic movements and boasts huge prospects for the development of their business.

To obtain a residence permit through business, you will need to open a commercial company, which will require at least 15,000 US dollars. Through investments it is possible to get not only a return on investment, but also residence permit status, but will require more than 205,000 USD.
UAE residence permit is convenient not only the variability of obtaining, but also the convenience of its operation. For example, to maintain the status, it is enough to appear in the country once every half a year. As for visa-free travel, UAE documents will open the doors to 28 countries. To the countries of Europe and to the United States visa will still need to be obtained, but for people with UAE documents this process is noticeably accelerated.

The UAE can be a real boon for business, as the country provides a huge variety of services and services, while companies from the UAE have certain preferences in the global market and are in demand.


Hungary is one of the best options for those who want access to Schengen and the European Union. Also, there are more than 180 countries with visa-free travel!

To get a residence permit quickly, you will need to invest more than 155,000 euros in the country. This is not a small sum, but the benefits of such an investment outweigh its cost.
In addition to visa-free travel and easier world travel, Hungary offers access to any European banks, quality education, easy business entry into the EU economy and excellent health care. Hungary is a very stable country both economically and politically.


Spain offers interesting and fast business opportunities for foreign investors. The country offers friendly policies and access to European markets.
Spain is ranked 9th in the world for openness to foreign investment. In addition, Spain has a growing real estate market that offers many advantages such as developed infrastructure, return on investment, high rental demand, etc.


With its strategic location, Portugal is characterized as an economically developed country with modern infrastructure. The country is a market with a population of more than 10 million consumers. Since the euro currency is used here, Portugal is open to trade with any EU countries. This has made the Portuguese Republic an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

  • Freedom of movement in the Schengen area, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States (ESTA) for 2 years
  • Access to EU bank accounts and international business opportunities. Portugal is one of the most highly listed economies with a well-developed infrastructure for international operations and logistics. The Golden Visa opens access to open and conduct business in the EU
  • Great business opportunities due to access to the EU, simple and clear tax system.
  • Portuguese law stipulates that after 5 years of legal residence in Portugal, one can apply for Portuguese citizenship by naturalization.


The “Golden Visa” program is valid throughout the country. Investment in real estate worth 500,000 euros or more is possible in the areas of the Northern, Central and Southern sectors of Athens, in the municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni in Attica, in several municipalities of the city of Thessaloniki and on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos. In other regions, the required investment amount is from 250,000 euros.

  • “Greece's Golden Visa is one of the most accessible and cheapest in the Eurozone.
  • Access to the Schengen area
  • Simple and straightforward tax regime, plus access to borrowing from Greek banks.
  • No mandatory period of stay in Greece to maintain residency status.

The Benefits of Obtaining a Residence Permit (Residence Permit)

Obtaining a residence permit in another country offers a number of significant benefits that can improve your quality of life, provide new opportunities, and provide greater stability. Here are some of the key benefits of a residence permit:

  • Long-term residency: A residence permit allows you to legally reside in a country for an extended period of time, which is especially important for those who are planning long-term projects such as running a business, studying or working.
  • Access to the labor market: In most countries, holders of a residence permit are entitled to employment without the need for a separate work permit. This simplifies the process of finding and changing jobs.
  • Educational Opportunities: Holders of a residence permit can usually receive education on an equal footing with nationals, enjoying the same benefits and scholarships as locals.
  • Health care: A residence permit often provides access to public health care services under the same conditions as nationals.
  • Eligibility for family reunification: A residence permit allows family members, such as a spouse and minor children, to take up residence, facilitating the migration process for the entire family.
  • Pathway to citizenship: In many cases, a residence permit is the first step towards citizenship of the country of residence, opening the way to a full range of rights and privileges, including the right to vote.
  • Legal protection: Residence permit status provides legal protection based on the laws of the host country, which includes rights to property, social security and other legitimate interests.
  • Travel within the Schengen area: For holders of a residence permit issued by Schengen countries, this document simplifies the process of traveling between Schengen countries.

These advantages make a residence permit a coveted status for many people seeking international mobility and looking for new opportunities outside their home country.

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