How to get citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda is a commonwealth realm and is situated in the Caribbean region. It is an alluring destination thanks to warm sunny climate, white sand beaches, surfing, yachting, diving opportunities in the Caribbean Sea, its primordial, untouched nature.

It is especially popular with multifamily traditional families, consisting of 4 and more members. The country suggests the cheapest program for such families. To illustrate with an example, the Grenada’s passport will cost $250,000 for a family of 6 members, while that of Antigua and Barbuda will cost you only $150,000. The difference is clear.
Apart from that, with the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship you will go to the UK, Ireland, all Schengen countries, as well as Hong Kong, and Singapore without visas.

Requirements for application are quite flexible, and the way to obtaining this passport is wide, offering 4 variants.

What does the Antigua and Barbuda passport give

It grants the investor plenty of opportunities. Here are some of advantages.

  • Financially, it is the cheapest variant if the client has a multifamily traditional family (therefore, it is famous mostly among Arabic and African countries);
  • the passport gives an exemption from global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance tax;
  • the right to study in the UK without a visa;
  • free of visa entry to >142 countries;
  • setting up a business in the country where the standard of living and social security are constantly improving;
  • relatively low investment in comparison with other Caribbean programs (especially for families 4+);
  • an opportunity to include a wide range of relatives into application;
  • no interview.

How to obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

To be eligible for this passport a client must have perfect health, clean criminal record, be over 18 years old. The client will choose from four available investment options and perform successfully with our assistance. They include a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF), investment in real estate, an investment in business project, an investment in educational institution.

Each option is governmentally processed, due diligence is conducted. Fees for the applicant and each qualifying dependent are to be paid off. Minimum residency requirement is total of 5 days with first 5 years of citizenship.

Algorithm for obtaining

  • At first, an agreement on cooperation must be signed.
  • Later, the client selects an appropriate investment option with our support and advice.
  • Afterward, the client fills out official forms and gathers documents with our help.
  • We process your application at the authorized office of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Committee.
  • After Due diligence is passed, the country’s government makes decision concerning the client’s candidacy.
  • After approval the client does the main investment. Finally, the client is issued citizenship as well as a confirming Certificate.

Provide documents

Necessary documents include:

  • Application,
  • Photograph and Signature Certificate,
  • Medical Certificate,
  • Passport application form,
  • Passport (colour copy),
  • National identity Card (colour copy),
  • Current residence visas/permits (colour copy),
  • Colour photographs (8),
  • Birth Certificate (copy),
  • Police Certificate,
  • Certified copy of military records,
  • Certified copy of proof of name change.

Additionally, we indicate that the rest of the documents that need to be sent will be told by our company.
The client can make an online application to verify the possibility of obtaining citizenship.

Decision on the application

Decision on the application is taken in regard to a great number of aspects and issued by the Ministry. Then, the whole payment process can be completed. Usually there are no refusals. However, in some cases the rejection can occur. Thus, the reasons of refusal could be inclusion on a sanctions list, stopping the program for a certain nationality (candidates from Russia and Belorussia are prohibited), failure of the applicant to pass a security check, criminal or administrative conviction, the applicant's failure to prove the legality of earned money.

Still, we should note that this happens extremely rarely, since the state of Antigua and Barbuda and the licensed agency, One World, act solely in the interests of clients. We always ask applicants to be honest and transparent, and provide us only with reliable information, not to conceal any facts.

Ways to obtain citizenship

  • Real estate investments
    There is an option of investment in one of the real estate projects approved by the government from $ 200,000. The term of maintenance is 5 years with guaranteed return of investment. The client also receives 7 nights free accommodation at the resort.

  • Gratuitous donation to the University Foundation
    An investment of $150,000 into the University of the West Indies (Antigua campus) is appropriate for a family of six or more.

Each option is governmentally processed, and comprehensive due diligence is conducted. Fees for the applicant and each qualifying dependent must be paid.

  • Gratuitous donation to the state fund
    A contribution to the NDF starting from $100,000 (for 4+ families) or $ 125,000 (for 5+ families).
  • Business
    An investment into an eligible business project from $1,500,000 as a sole investor or $ 400,000.
  • Date of receipt & cost of the service
    It generally takes 4-6 months for the application to be considered. The price can be clarified after submitting the application.
  • Post-immigration services
    Apart from company registration, opening a bank account for an individual, for a company, there are other post-immigration services available, as following:
  • real estate services;
  • banking assistance (local and offshore accounts);
  • company registration/incorporation (local and offshore companies);
  • police reports for approved clients;
  • VIP airport arrival services;
  • Executive Chauffeur Services;
  • virtual office services;
  • conference & corporate events planning.

Other services are available on request.


Do not miss out on unique chance to get the Antigua and Barbuda passport and explore the world, experience tax freedoms, security in this paradise country. With so many variables of getting the citizenship, you will for sure find one that is appropriate for you. Contact One World for consultation, and our experts will provide you with all latest information on the program and assist throughout all the way to getting the passport.

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