Interview with Chief Commercial Officer of Gulf Craft

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One World Migration spoke with Lee Oldroyd, Chief Commercial Officer of Gulf Craft.
The company is engaged into manufacturing the world’s leading shipyards, luxury yachts in the UAE and worldwide. Today, One World Migration team has interviewed the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, who has told interesting specifics of Gulf Craft as well as its unique peculiarities, sales prices, offers and much more.

-Tell us, please, about the specifics of your company. What helps you stay one of the best in marine industry?

-Gulf Craft is one of the leading superyacht builders in the world and the only superyacht builder in the UAE. We are also building the largest megayacht, the Majesty 175, which will be over 500 GT (gross tons) and 175 ft.

-How vast is your global network of services? Which countries are covered?

-We are international network with dealers in most countries and brokers all over the globe. We also have shipyards and services internationally.

-What do your offers include apart from yacht manufacturing?

-We collaborate with luxury brands on events and sponsorships such as the Globe Soccer Awards, Monaco and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (GP), Sail GP.

-Are all of the manufactured yachts on sale, or not?

-We build every superyacht to order with customizable options, and each one is sold to special clients. We also build stock for experienced mature yacht companies who are signed as exclusive dealers from their region, so they can sell to their database of ultra-high net worth individuals.

-What is the key to the style and quality of your yachts?

-We combine UAE future thinking with designs from all over the word, custom-made according to the new owners’ style preferences.

-What are the special characteristics of the yachts designed and created by you?

-Our price point is great value for money. For example, our prices are usually at least 5% cheaper than our competitors’ prices. Thus, our 100ft/30-meter vessel is only $7.500.000, whilst competitors’ price is $9.000.000-12.000.000.

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