What does a Vanuatu passport provide: citizenship benefits

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This article covers the topic of the major advantages of the Vanuatu citizenship, all nuances, selection criteria, as well as provides information about countries where you can enter visa-free once you have obtained citizenship.

Why should Vanuatu be your lucky choice?

It's a unique Caribbean country that offers the opportunity to get citizenship for Russian citizens just for investments. It is considered to be the briefest means to acquire citizenship. As a rule, applicants gain approval during 45 - 60 days. Herewith, the applicant does not have to reside in the country at all, which is a very comfortable option.

What benefits may a Vanuatu passport bring to you?

Let's figure out what advantages the citizenship of this state may give. Among already discussed samples, the most popular are the following ones:

  • Vanuatu provides entry without visas to more than 96 states (including the EU, the UK);
  • you will have an opportunity to apply for a tourist visa to the USA for a 5 years' term;
  • the opportunity to get a visa to Australia;
  • no restrictions on accommodation;
  • beneficial tax regime for companies for 20 years;
  • a completely confidential procedure;
  • you can view Vanuatu as a plan "B" in case of economic, political problems in your own country;
  • Vanuatu is claimed to be low-tax jurisdiction offering its citizens many advantages in tax planning, wealth, asset protection. So, the tax rate on personal income, capital gains, investment income, property tax, net capital, inheritance is equal to 0%;
  • spouses, children, and dependent parents can be inserted into one application. It is possible to add family members after the major applicant obtains citizenship as well;
  • all family members obtain citizenship, certificates, passports together;
  • citizenship is passed on to children.

Which countries exactly can you enter with a Vanuatu passport?

We are eager to present a list of countries where you can enter visa-free.


Country Country Country
Afghanistan Iran North Korea
Iraq Yemen Syria
Somalia Austria Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Andorra Belarus Belgium
Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina The Vatican
Great Britain and its dependent territories Hungary Germany
Gibraltar Greenland Greece
Denmark Ireland Iceland
Spain Italy Cyprus
Kosovo Latvia Lithuania
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta
Moldova Monaco Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Transnistria Russian Federation Romania
San Marino North Ossetia Northern Cyprus
Slovakia Slovenia Ukraine
Faroe Islands Finland France
Croatia Montenegro Czech Republic
Switzerland Sweden Estonia


Country Country Country
Belize Bermuda Bolivia
Guatemala Honduras Costa Rica
Nicaragua Panama Peru
El Salvador Saint Pierre and Miquelon French Guinea

Caribbean islands

Country Country Country
Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas
Barbados British Virgin Islands Haiti
Grenada Dominica The Dominican Republic
Montserrat Cayman Islands Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Trinidad and Tobago
French West Indies Jamaica


Country Country Country
Kiribati Marshall Islands Micronesia
Nauru Niue New Caledonia
Cook Islands Pitcairn Islands Palau
Papua New Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands
Tonga Tuvalu Wallis and Futuna
Fiji French Polynesia


Country Country Country
Bangladesh East Timor Hong Kong (China)
India Indonesia Cambodia
Kyrgyzstan Laos Macau (China)
Malaysia Maldives Myanmar
Nepal Singapore Philippines
Sri Lanka The Middle East Armenia
Georgia Israel Jordan
Iran Qatar Palestinian Territories


Country Country Country
Benin Botswana Gambia
Guinea-Bissau Djibouti Egypt
Zambia Zimbabwe Cape Verde
Kenya Comoros Lesotho
Mauritius Mauritania Madagascar
Mayotte Malawi Mozambique
Reunion Swaziland Seychelles
Senegal Somalia Somaliland
Tanzania That Uganda

The program's legal framework

Vanuatu commenced the Citizenship Program in January 2017 together with the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP). It was proposed in the beginning of 2016. Then, in April 2017, it was finally accepted by Vanuatu's government. The goal of the program is to expand local working opportunities, develop economy, as well as ensure steady and balanced functioning of the federal budget.

Selection criteria

It is obligatory for all applicants for a Vanuatu passport to have:

  • no history of crime;
  • actual passport (minimum period is six months);
  • national identity documents of the applicant's country of birth or residence;
  • birth certificates;
  • additional documents, including a resume, information about education and work experience;
  • valid proof of address.


All people around the world who are citizens of any countries can apply for this citizenship, with the exception such states as:

Country Country Country
Afghanistan Iraq Iran
Yemen North Korea Syria

If citizens of the mentioned countries have lived beyond the boarders of the states for more than five years already, they are eligible for citizenship.


So, this program is exclusive, because it's single citizenship program in the Caribbean region, that is so fast and have comfortable conditions. Especially, it presents ultimate importance and meaning for Russian citizens.

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