Dominica citizenship
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From 100,000$
Investment size
3-4 months
Processing time
Visa B1/B2
US tourist visa for 10 years
3 years
asset length of ownership


Investor's family members receive citizenship together with him. The application can include a spouse, children, parents, siblings.
The procedure for obtaining citizenship is completely remote.

The country's area
751 sq. km
Average temperature
Santo Domingo
Official language
East Caribbean Dollar

Dominica, discovered by Christopher Columbus, is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on a tropical island. Arriving there, you will be amazed by the beauty of magnificent waterfalls, boiling lakes, coral gardens and evergreen forests.

The most cost effective program in the Caribbean. It has been available since 1993. You can get citizenship for just an investment of $100,000 in a government fund or $200,000 in real estate.

Why should you choose Dominica

Citizenship benefits

World without borders
First of all, it is a visa-free visit to 129 countries.
Ease of registration in the Dominica program: no interview required, and no residency requirements.
Possibility to include your spouse, children under 30 y.o., parents and grandparents (no age limit), siblings over 18 y.o. (single without children) in the application.
Another advantage is the missing income tax for non-residents, gift and inheritance taxes.

Citizenship Investment Options

Investment in Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Hotel
from $220 000
Acquiring a stake in the hotel worth at least $220,000.
Gratuitous donation to the Economic Development Fund
from $100 000
— $100,000 for one applicant — $150,000 for an applicant together with his spouse — from $175,000 for a family package
How does it work

Procedure for obtaining a second citizenship

Registration of cooperation
Expert analysis of documents and selection of the optimal investment option begins after the signing of a cooperation agreement. ONE WORLD MIGRATION lawyers will find the most profitable investment option for you to obtain Dominica citizenship.
Collection of documents
We will help you fill out official forms and prepare a full package of documents required for submission, including legalized translations and notarizations, in accordance with the requirements of the Dominica investment program.
Application registration
ONE WORLD MIGRATION is a certified filing agent in the Caribbean. We will process your application at the authorized office of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Committee.
Passing Due Diligence
Authorized representatives of the Dominica government review your documents and conduct a comprehensive Due Diligence. Based on the results obtained, the country government makes a final decision regarding your candidacy.
Obtaining citizenship
The main investment is made only after obtaining the approval of the Citizenship by Investment Committee. After paying the investment amount, you will be assigned Dominica citizenship and issued a confirming Certificate.

Calculate the cost

Instantly get a full cost calculation, including taxes, as well as all other fees

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