Get a residence permit in the UAE
Discover business and residence opportunities in the UAE
From 15,000$
Resident visa (residence permit) for 3 years through the establishment of a company
From 2 weeks
Emirates ID receiving
From $205,000
Resident visa (residence permit) for 3 years when investing in real estate
1 time per 180 days
To save the residential status you have to regularly visit UAE


The United Arab Emirates is a state in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a country with the highest standard of living in the world, a stable political system, favorable conditions for doing business, a strong economy, comfort and security. Majestic skyscrapers, luxury hotels and shops, beaches and summer are present all year round. Building a business career in the UAE is considered to be prestigious.

The country's area
83600 sq. km
Average temperature
Abu Dhabi
Official language
UAE dirham
Why should you choose the United Arab Emirates

Advantages of residence permit in the UAE

World without borders
Visa-free visit up to 28+ countries including Japan, Singapore, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Georgia and Armenia, etc.
Business opportunities
Possibility to register a business and establish companies, open personal and corporate accounts. Favorable tax conditions.
You can make real estate transactions both for investment and for life. High return on investment.
Renewable 2-10 years investor or Golden visa. Main applicant can sponsor all members of family including domestic staffs up to 3 individuals. You can apply for a driver’s license. Access to government health services and health insurance.
Minimal package of documents for registration. The shortest possible time to obtain an Emirates ID (resident visa).
How does it work

Procedure for obtaining a residence permit in the UAE

Choose a program
Sign a contract with ONE WORLD MIGRATION
Gather documents on a list
ONE WORLD MIGRATION submits an application to the state authorities of the country
Departure to the UAE and obtaining an Emirates ID
You fly to the UAE to undergo a medical examination and receive an Emirates ID
Investor Golden Visa for 10 years by the purchase of real estate from AED 2,000,000.

Documents to be received:

ID card for 10 years.

Processing time: 15 days.

Family members eligible to apply:

  • Spouse;
  • Child;
  • Parents.
Investor Golden Visa for 2 years by the purchase of real estate from AED 750,000.

Documents to be received by client:

ID card for 2 years.

Processing time: 15 working days.

Family members eligible to apply:

  • Spouse;
  • Child;
  • Parents.
Residence Visa for 2 years by business set-up from $11 000

Get a free consultation about free zone and main land companies, activities type, offices, employees and availability to open a corporate bank account.

Documents to be received by clients after obtaining residency are:

  • ID card;
  • establishment card;
  • MOA;
  • trade license;
  • corporate bank account (under request)

    Processing time: from 5 working days.

Calculate the cost

Instantly get a full cost calculation, including taxes, as well as all other fees

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