Turkish passports: types and its advantages

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Setting off on an expedition that weaves through the intricate mosaic of ancient landmarks, dynamic cultures, and expanding economic possibilities starts with one essential item: the Turkish passport. This symbol of identification offers not just the liberty to travel but also unlocks a host of advantages, making it a prized possession for business leaders, culture enthusiasts, and avid travelers alike. In this article, we explore the various types of Turkish passports and the distinct benefits each provides, highlighting their significance on the global stage. Whether you're captivated by the ease of traversing continents or the enticing economic opportunities at the junction of Europe and Asia, grasping the details of Turkish passports is the key to accessing these opportunities.

Types of Turkish Passports in Use

The Turkish passport system is tailored to meet the needs of various demographics within the nation, providing specific benefits and supporting different official roles overseas. Below is a detailed description of the three primary types of passports currently available:

Regular Passport

Known informally as the "Bordo Pasaport" because of its distinctive burgundy color, the Regular Passport is the default travel document issued to Turkish citizens. It is utilized for international travel, including tourism, personal trips, or business ventures. This is the most frequently distributed type of passport and it necessitates the usual range of documents and fees for its issuance.

Green Passport

The Green Passport, or "Yeşil Pasaport," is allocated to specific categories of individuals such as certain government officials, ex-parliamentarians, their immediate families, and retired public servants who have completed predetermined durations of service. This type of passport includes added perks like the ability to travel without a visa or to receive one on arrival in various countries, with the specifics dependent on international treaties.

Service Passport

The Service Passport, referred to as "Gri Pasaport" in Turkish, is designed for government employees who do not qualify for a diplomatic passport but who need to travel internationally for government-related activities. This passport eases the travel process for these officials and may include certain visa waivers based on the destination and the nature of the travel.
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Turkish Passport by Investment

The Turkish Investment Citizenship Program provides an innovative avenue for significant investors to secure a passport from Turkey, strategically positioned at the intersection of Europe and Asia. This program is strategically crafted to pull in international funds, foster economic development, and offer individuals and their families a pathway to establish residency or even citizenship in this geopolitically crucial nation.


To qualify for citizenship through investment in Turkey, applicants must fulfill one of the following investment criteria:

  • Property Investment: Purchase real estate with a minimum value of $400,000 and commit to retaining ownership for at least three years.Fixed - Capital Investment: Invest at least $500,000 in fixed capital, with the investment confirmed and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • Banking Investment: Deposit a minimum of $500,000 into a Turkish bank and maintain this deposit for no less than three years.Sovereign Bonds: Invest in Turkish government bonds with a minimum value of $500,000 and hold these bonds for a period of three years.
  • Equity Funds: Allocate a minimum of $500,000 to venture capital funds or real estate investment fund shares, maintaining this investment for at least three years.


Engagement in the Turkish Investment Citizenship program not only provides a critical travel document but also signifies an investment in the future within a nation at the forefront of global strategic importance. This program is particularly beneficial for those desiring to enhance their international influence and partake in the economic and cultural opportunities Turkey offers. Moreover, turkish passport also simplifies the process of relocating to Turkey, a country celebrated for its diverse cultural landscape, welcoming climate, and pivotal geographical positioning.

Visa-free countries

Securing a Turkish passport through this investment route offers extensive travel mobility. Holders are granted visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 110 countries, encompassing sought-after destinations such as Japan, South Korea, and a large portion of South America. This capability significantly enhances ease of international travel for both business engagements and personal leisure, rendering the Turkish passport a coveted document for international investors and world travelers.

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