Vanuatu citizenship for investors: one of the best exotic options available today

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Vanuatu is situated on the 83 islands of the New Hebrides archipelago. Mass tourists may not know much about this place. However, it possesses a great potential for popularity, especially among businessmen and investors, because it suggests many opportunities for tax optimization, doing business, and also provides an opportunity to gain citizenship by investment. From this article you will learn more facts about the exotic corner of the planet, methods to acquire second citizenship and expand horizons.

General facts

  • Land area is about 12,190 km2.
  • Port Vila, which is the capital, is the biggest city and a large economic center of Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu is a sovereign unitary democratic republic with its own parliament, political parties and president.
  • Administratively, Vanuatu contains six provinces.
  • The population counts around 300 thousand people. The indigenous people of Ni-Vanuatu constitute absolute majority. Besides, diasporas of Chinese, Vietnamese and Australians are quite enormous.
  • There are three official languages: English, French, Creole.
  • The national currency is Vatu (VUV).
  • Vanuatu can not declare the direct connection with Russia - there are only flights of Air Vanuatu from Australia. But a big advantage is that citizens of Russia are not required a visa to enter, they can stay for 90 days.

Nature & climate

Climate there is considered to be humid tropical. There is rainy season which lasts from December to April. Average air temperature is about +27 degrees. So–called seasonal time with more pleasant weather and sunny days is from May to October.
It has mostly mountainous terrain. There is Mount Tabwemasana, which is known to be the highest point. It is 1879 m high above the sea level. Vanuatu is situated in the volcanic belt of the Pacific Ocean, so earth tremors are not something surprising. Primordial nature full of different exotic vegetation and interesting species of animals appeal to the lovers of new experience and adventures.

Attractions & "must-visit" destinations

Popular sights include hills, mountains, volcanoes, beaches, caves, waterfalls. Basically, Vanuatu attracts exotic lovers, divers.

Throughout the World War II, the American military operated there – after that, plenty of submerged military equipment dating back to 1940s and a few ships remained near the coast. Divers are eager to dive into research with interest! Tourists can admire the extraordinary nature in the Big Bay National Park, in numerous nature reserves. Also, visiting Champaign Beach and watching Nanda Blue Holes will be memorable experience. Additionally, there is a National Museum in Port Vila - it will surprise lovers of history and art. There are monuments reflecting culture and art of the tribes that inhabit Vanuatu.

Volcano lovers will also find to do – climbing is allowed on the Yasur volcano on the island of Tanna. The oldest sandalwood trees, which charm visitors, grow in the nature reserve on the island of Erromango. There are numerous waterfalls, coral reefs on the Efate island.

Economy & business climate

The country's economy rests on three pillars: tourism, agriculture, and offshore financial services. Despite the fact that Vanuatu's independence was proclaimed only in 1980, since 1971 there has been a free offshore zone with liberal financial legislation. This gave a huge impetus to the economy’s development. Today, a favorable tax climate attracts investors. The government constantly takes measures to improve the operation of business sector and the banking sphere. Apart from opening an offshore company, you can use a chance to open your own bank.
What about tourism, it's a leading, prosperous and quite profitable industry, too.

International relations

Once gained independence, the country started incorporating slowly but surely into international environment. Today it can claim to be the member of such international organizations as the UN, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Pacific Community, the Pacific Islands Forum, Francophonie, and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Is it beneficial to own Vanuatu passport?

  • Relatively quick procedure which takes from 2 to 3 months on average;
  • visa-free entry to more than 96 countries (the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia are also on the list);
  • tourist visa to the USA for up to 5 years;
  • electronic visa to Australia;
  • passport for 10 years (then to be extended);
  • no investment income proof;
  • absolutely remote procedure;
  • no necessity in language tests;
  • no interviewing system;
  • no tax on world income;
  • one can easily set up an account in European banks;
  • international business companies receive tax exemptions from paying any taxes for the first 20 years and pay only an annual fee of $300.

Possible ways to get Vanuatu citizenship

It is the only State in Oceania that issues citizenship by investment.
Speaking about affordable way to get it, non-refundable investments in the National Development Fund should be mentioned. An applicant is to minimally invest around €80,000.What's important, the final sum depends on the number of family members which you put into the application.

Guide on how to gain citizenship of Vanuatu

  • it is necessary to register cooperation with One World Migration;
  • you are due to gather documents with our help;
  • application registration: we will process your application at the authorized office of the Investment Citizenship Committee of Vanuatu;
  • having passed Due Diligence, Vanuatu's government will reach ultimate decision concerning your candidacy;
  • you will get approval of both application and investment;
  • you will take the oath and obtain a Vanuatu passport.
  • Which documents are necessary?
  • The list may differ with regard to your individual circumstances.

Commonly required documents usually include:

  • application form in completed form;
  • passport and identity card (or color copies);
  • birth certificate (or copy);
  • marriage or divorce certificate if available;
  • certificate of non-criminal record;
  • biography: main facts of life briefly
  • medical certificate confirming a good state of health;
  • address confirmation;
  • bank statements;
  • job certificates, if the applicant is officially employed;
  • diploma of education and school certificate;
  • letter of recommendation from a partner;
  • HD color photo.
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